If you’ve been around Fringe this year you’d have seen there’s lots and lots of circus; trapeze, juggling, lifting, hand stand scissor splits, it’s all in there. I was therefore a bit concerned when I realized that I’d booked in for yet another circus event in the shape of LEFT. I’ve never encountered circus fatigue before but I was concerned I was getting dangerously close.

Thankfully the group of brave hearted performers from group Long Answers To Simple Questions are fun, witty and fearless enough to bring you into the performance and make you sweat through it with them. The team of seven performers from Melbourne are a tight group of boys and girls of all heights and sizes and they use this to great advantage. The big guys use the smaller girls for throwing, lifting and even skipping, regularly flinging them high to catch them after some dizzying spins. There’s tight rope walking, backflips galore and a pretty cool soundtrack to boot. There’s a family feel to this one too with plenty of juggling and playing around with hats. There are segments talking you through fun games they play and even some slower, more reflective moments when they consider the possibility of losing a friend.

On the whole this one works well. The threads that bind the show are a little tenuous and there’s definitely work to be done (the guys could be smoother on some of the trapeze work and the juggling set pieces could be slicker) but this is all forgivable because there’s plenty of heart and enough wow moments to tell you there’s some serious talent there.

Good family fun.

LEFT runs until Sun March 15th @ Gluttony.

Tickets from Fringetix

Words by Richard Isaacs

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