Grab onto your fire extinguishers ladies and gentlemen because this show was hot! Performed in one of Adelaide’s hidden gem venues, Nexus Arts, the scene was immediately set with a neon lit bar and intimate style seating. In a venue with a capacity of at least eighty, there were points in the show where it felt like it was only you and the performers. Cue hot flashes.

Fafi D’Alour & The Delinquents shows some of Adelaide’s best new emerging dancers and artists, with an entertaining array of polished choreographed acts. The show started off with nothing but red lighting and the silhouette of Fafi D’Alour, the Madame of the performance – a great opener.The opening number slowly seduced the audience, and introduced the sauciness of what was to come.

With each act, we were introduced to all of the dancers, each showing their craft in unique and creative ways. There was a fine balance of humour, sex appeal and talent, with an array of professional dancers,  vocals and an aerial hoola-hooper. As the show went on, it seemed that the dancers only came into their confidence more, and teased & interacted with their audience. A genuine pleasure to see some pure talent wrapped up in the package of what I believe the Fringe is all about. I do note that my favourite part was when they cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured it over one of the performers Kim Kardashian style.

It is a homage to the craft of Burlesque and a celebration of female liberation. Go see it!

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