Claire Hooper takes us on a raw and personal journey down memory lane in her latest work ‘School Camp’.

Her show goes into the deep recesses of her memory where she bravely tells some of her most awkward and embarrassing stories from her youth.

These tales include her first encounters with the opposite sex, discovering the birds and the bees via dirty romance novels, and all the other pains of a pre-internet teen’s existence.

Hooper also chronicles the struggles of being a first time mum, and her worries about navigating the difficult teenage years with her daughter given her own hang-ups about her adolescence.

This show explores the awkward, uncomfortable and emotionally challenging aspects of life- which brings an unexpected dimension to her live comedy show.

This is a side of Hooper which we have never seen through her work on Television, so it’s wonderful to see her explore some more intimate material with her audience.

Claire Hooper will be playing at Cupola in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 15th March. Tickets are available through FringeTix.

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