Wanderlust – a strong desire or impulse to travel and explore the world.

Living paycheck to paycheck, this is therefore not, unfortunately, a feasible option for me. So it’s just my luck that the Adelaide Fringe has decided to bring the world to us.

Enter Café Cantante, a taste of Old World Spain, filled with guitar virtuosos, strong-willed women, incredible footwork (that would give Bootmen a run for their money), and colourful costumery.

Flamenco is a delight and absolute feast for the senses that, without uttering a single spoken word throughout, subsequently highlights the power of both music and dance.

Each of the six performers are integral to the production; the powerful vocals of Spanish Songbird Cristina Soler, supported by renowned (Aria-nominated, excuse you) guitarist Damian Wright – who somehow manages the fingerwork of two men in one – serve to highlight each of the three flamenco dancers.
It’s to these women’s credit that their use of shawls and fans – things you’d normally find in your nana’s spare room – actually serve to add a sultry and sensual element to their performance.

Come for the experience, stay for the party.


CAFÉ CANTANTE – FLAMENCO is playing until March 18 at the Spiegel Zelt at Gluttony.

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