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To keep Fresh alive, we rely on donations from YOU – Awesome Fresh-loving listeners & businesses.  Your donations help us to remain independent, supply a quality service and provide opportunities for Adelaide’s youth and electronic music community.   By becoming one of our mates, you’re supporting a proudly South Australian, not for profit organisation and the donation is tax-deductable!  Go on, be a mate, a FRESH MATE!


When you become a Fresh Mate, you’re helping us to play the best local, Australian and international electronic music we can find. You’re helping us to buy and maintain the studio gear we need to broadcast that music across Adelaide. You’re helping us pay the bills and keep the lights on (it’s a bit hard to read your requests in the dark!)

To give you a  little insight, it costs over $1 million each year to run Fresh 92.7!

The opportunities we provide for Adelaide’s youth aren’t easy to pull off. Whether it’s training them up to become journalists, producers, announcers, DJs, audio engineers and more, or supporting their music careers through airplay, WE NEED YOUR HELP to ensure we can keep providing these opportunities well into the future.

 So, become a Fresh Mate now!

 ·        ONLINE: Via our shop

·         VISIT US: Shop 3 Cinema Place, Adelaide – weekdays 9am-5pm

·         GIVE US A CALL: 08 8232 7927

If you’re not already one, now’s the time to jump on board. Your business can get involved too!

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