You may recognise mild-mannered, newshound Dorian Tisato’s voice from our Fresh news but what you may not know is that our fave Clark Kent lookalike is also an aspiring actor too. Dorian’s been a staple on the airwaves for a few years and we’re proud to call him a true Fresh fanatic. Now he’s not limited to your wireless, you can also get an eye full of him on the latest video by Umet Ozcan for upcoming single ‘Stars‘.

In the clip our studly Freshie plays a somewhat nerdy guy who cops a beating from some ‘troublesome yuff’ only to turn round later, decked out as a superhero and ready to kick some ass! Whoopa!

It’s a cracking track featuring the gorgeous Katt Niall and we couldn’t be more proud of seeing Dorian star in the vid. You may also remember not long ago our boy PJ showed up in another Spinnin track, that time it was for Oliver Helden’s Memory. If we keep going like this, we’re going to need to start an acting agency too!

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