Fresh Sponsorships

Fresh offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to become a Fresh Sponsor, and in return receive a block of allocated airtime to get your information across to our listeners.  For more information contact the sponsorship team via or call reception on (08) 8232 7927 to speak with one of our Account Executives.



Paul – Wallis Cinema

“We decide to advertise on Fresh 927 as they delivered us tailored solutions not the normal spots and dots, great results so far and natural synergies with our business.”

Tammy – Mybudget

“I’ve been sponsoring Fresh 927 for 10 years and it consistency delivers us results. Thanks to Fresh we can continue to help the thousands of people to sign up to Mybudget.”

Mike – Cmax

“Cmax is now in its third year straight of running a branding campaign on Fresh the decision to continue is an easy one for us as we have seen a 22% growth year on year in new registrations in our database.”

Heidi – Lighthouse Wharf

“We’ve been working with Fresh for over a year now and we continue to see new fresh faces continually through our venue. We also love working with Fresh for their top 92 party which was a huge success.”

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