Our final Fresh Open House for 2015 was another lesson in getting your music heard by whatever means possible. This time around though, rather than just production, we put the focus on Adelaide’s up and coming DJs who are hungry for gigs and we got some pearls of wisdom from some major industry players, namely Tom from HQ Complex, Matt from Crown Ruler / Rocket Bar & Rooftop and Petar from Zhivago. All of these guys know their audiences well, that’s why they kick goals every night and are able to fill capacity venues.

Now, here’s the exciting bit: we filmed and recorded this Open House, so you’ll be able to experience the full session even if you weren’t there! We’ll let you know when we’ve got that ready to go.

For you, here’s a few of the golden rules that came out of the night. The consensus was that there’s no dark art or secret formula to locking in a set.

  • Get to the venue. There was agreement across the board that if you want to DJ at a club, it’s best to get down there, check out the feel for the place as often as possible and be seen. In other words do your research, if you want a promoter to support you you’re best bet is to support them and their night first.

“If you’re not even going to come to the club then it’s not worth our time”

Tom: HQ Complex

  • A digital presence can go a long way. Make sure you’ve got some mixes publicly available (e.g., on a Soundcloud/Mixcloud or similar) so a promoter can listen to your style and check your fit for the club.

“The first thing I’ll do is check their Soundcloud for mixes”

Petar: Zhivago

  • Know your venue and know your music. If the club has an eclectic vibe, an EDM DJ smashing top 10 Beatport tracks isn’t going to fly, no matter how good your mixing is.

“A DJ playing Top 40 tracks isn’t going to cut it, they need to be eclectic”

Matt: Rocket

  • Know your place. Be aware that you’ll almost never be the main event, you’ll sit somewhere in the fabric of the night and to begin with you’ll be a warm up or late night DJ, so, show your diversity in your promo mixes and track selection.
  • Work on your networking skills. It may be tough but try and find out a promoters preference for communication, they may prefer email or a Facebook message may suit. But don’t suck up! Work on your contacts.
  • Don’t be generic. Tailor your message, emails, etc., to the club/night/promoter. Show you know their music and what they are looking for, keep it professional but also keep it personal.
  • Know your worth. Sure, you may have talent, yes, you should be paid for your time but you’ll need to start lower down the scale, at least initially. Gigging for free may not be worth your time.
  • Production is a major plus. You don’t need to be Diplo or Motez but showing a real interest in production and making music will help you stand out and improves your chances at getting booked interstate and at major venues.
  • Knowledge, passion and presence will go a long way. It’ll show and translate to great sets allowing you to work with your audience.

Like we said, the podcast and video will come soon. For now though, check out our pics below, thanks to Daniel Marks.

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