He has a particular set of skills and we all know what will happen if he finds you! Liam Neeson is back as Bryan Mills, the ex-government operative we’ve all come to know and love from the first two Taken films.

First things first, NO ONE GETS TAKEN THIS TIME, mostly because that was the only way the powers that be could get Neeson to reprise his role.

After his ex-wife is found dead in his own home (so technically her life gets TAKEN… Bad pun, sorry), Mills is accused of the murder. He’s forced to go underground to track down the real killer and clear his own name. So those skills of his get put to good use!

It’s not doing so well amongst some critics but if you love Neeson and a little mindless action, then this is the movie for you – who cares what the critics say?

Fresh Flick Chick Review: Taken 3
2.1Overall Score
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