Just in case you didn’t realize, Jennifer Lawrence has another movie out right now!

Serena sees Lawrence starring alongside Bradley Cooper again, in a drama that at the core really begs the question: how well do you really know someone?

In Depression-era North Carolina George Pemberton’s (Cooper) timber company is facing an uncertain future, things get even more tricky when he learns his new wife, Serena (Lawrence), is unable to have children.

It’s a beautiful looking movie and Lawrence steals the show at every turn but the story itself really feels like it’s missing something. The pace seems to change from fast to slow, that it almost makes it impossible to feel for any of the characters caught in the drama.

Honestly, I’m still not really happy with the final rating I’ve given this movie… But I’m actually not really sure how I felt about it at all, this one has left me stumped. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I love Bradley Cooper but… I didn’t really love this…

Fresh Flick Chick Review: Serena
2.1Overall Score
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