Fifty Shades of Grey has easily become the most talked about movie to be released this year, I mean, it makes sense since it was a pretty talked about book too.

Just in case you haven’t read it (or like to pretend you have no idea what the story is), it’s all about literature major Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the way in which her life changes when she meets young, billionaire (with a predictably dark past) Christian Grey (Jaime Dornan).

I can guarantee if you’re hoping for every explicit scene that occurs in Christian’s ‘play room’ to happen in the movie, you’re going to be let down. The movie itself is pretty tame, anyone who hasn’t read the book will probably be pretty surprised and those that do love the book will be disappointed.

Story wise, there’s really nothing there. It comes in at about 2 hours long but it will feel longer when there’s not a whole lot happening.

The casting is probably the best thing about the movie and Dakota Johnson needs some recognition for being able to pull off an otherwise pretty poor character.

Fresh Flick Chick Review: Fifty Shades of Grey
1.8Overall Score
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