There’s nothing like a proper Aussie beach party to celebrate the festive season in our sun-drenched country. Unfortunately, our Fresh92.7 studios are in the middle of the city, which is a long way away from any beaches. But just when we thought our plans were ruined, some genius came up with the idea of hosting a beach party in Rundle mall!

I guess that’s the good thing about working with a bunch of creative people; they don’t see anything wrong with strapping on some floaties and having a day at the seaside in the middle of Adelaide’s busiest shopping precinct. It turned out to be a sensational idea, with our amazing volunteers getting everybody into the beach party spirit (and probably distracting them from their Christmas shopping!).

It was a pretty special day, so we thought we’d share our Aussie Beach Party photo album for those who missed all the fun. Enjoy!

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