This week Fresh hosted another Fresh Air Open House. This time we were joined by James Curd a House Music maestro from Chicago who now calls Adelaide home.

Troy Sincock (General Manager) set the scene. Fresh’s Open House events are unique, providing  access to staff and volunteers at the station, and an opportunity to put your music in front of  us. Fresh has various routes which local producers may access to promote their music such as free downloads and competitions. On air, opportunities include:

Fresh Air – our local music show

Specialist DJs – getting your tracks through to our specialist DJs

Daytime Playlist Rotation (Including The Jump) –  regular air play at peak time

Tom Martin (Content Director) described Fresh’s commitment to local electronic music and artists and identified our focus on quality. His tips

Listen to the product – get to know the station , it will help you sell your music to us.

Make it hard to say no – if your music is strong, back it up with personality & profile.

It’s more than just sending in your music – your music needs context, it helps us tell the story, include interviews, snippets, voice overs, etc.

Fresh Air – Our local music show. It’s there to support local  music,  contact the show.

James Curd (local DJ & Producer). An international DJ and producer, James has a wealth of experience and knowledge. James’ key words of advice:

  1. There’s no right or wrong way to achieve your goals, don’t limit what you do.
  2. Create as much music as you can, this gives you even more chances to learn and hit the mark.
  3. Contact labels outside your local area, they may show interest.
  4. Personalise your messages when sending music.
  5. Access local talent and work with others.
  6. Give yourself lots of musical freedom.

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