Fresh ran yet another successful Fresh Air Open House event this week offering Adelaide’s producers and musicians the opportunity to interact with staff and like-minded creatives.

Troy Sincock – Station Manager ran the crowd through tips about packaging and presenting your music to get it out off Soundcloud and the like and onto the radio.

Troy’s tips

-Keep it simple, package it so it is easy to digest and for the Fresh music team to get into.

-Get involved, standing on the fringe won’t get you noticed so you can hep yourself by getting involved with the station, for example, we can help you launch your music through Fresh’s own projects such as Fresh Air and fundraising efforts.

-Get to know the different platforms for circulating new music.

Tom Martin – Content Manager talked through how we choose music, our musical direction and radio formats.

Tom’s tips

-Keep it relevant, know where your music sits and focus your energy on the right areas. Make your music for radio and you are likely to hit the right notes with a station.

-We will play good music and we’ll especially help you if you build relationships with the radio station.

-Content is king, we always need new music and we search it out but be smart, don’t post it to Soundcloud too early, if you can give exclusives, then radio loves that.

-Build you story, it gives your music and you character and that helps you stand out. Make a plan of release, it will make your music reach much further.

-Extra content goes far, free music, DJ mixes even instructional articles builds your presence and helps keep you relevant.

-Make contact with the Fresh Air crew. However, just because it is local, doesn’t mean it will get played so focus on your productions and keep it tight.

-Get involved with our new show The Jump. We’ll be including local music on rotation through this initiative so this is your opportunity to get heard.

Zane – Content Assistant spoke with local producer Luke Million about how he has cut his way through the noise to get noticed.

Luke told us about how he started off with his band The Swiss working with them for almost 8 years before working with Modular Records who helped them take the next step. How he moved out from the band and then carved a name for himself with his own track Arnold. Luke’s recommendation, take your opportunities.

Luke was also given a Stigwood Fellowship recently to help him further his career and this is opening new doors and helping him grab new opportunities.

Luke takes an organic approach to writing music, where it is going to be played helps him to tailor his tracks but his music but the key for him is to write music from the heart and put some soul into it, it will help it shine through.

His final piece of advice, develop your skills, keep your music accessible (e.g., on Soundcloud) and keep putting content out, music, mixes, whatever, keep puting stuff out, it will get noticed.

Our next Open House is November 17 so get in early to lock in a place, RSVP to

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