Fresh hosted their third Fresh Air Open House event this week with a special appearance by Oli Kirk from Adelaide’s homegrown Electronica group Flamingo.

Station Manager Troy Sincock gave a run down about the station’s scope and where it sits in the broadcasting field. He focused on Fresh’s shows where you can possibly get your music heard including Fresh Air and our various specialist shows. He also introduced some alternative avenues that Fresh can offer to open your music to more people including our recent Win a Gig on New Year’s Eve and Play Your Track to a Stereosonic Headliner competitions.

Content Manager Tom Martin presented on the various media options available to Fresh and artists. He emphasised that although your profile doen’t need to be huge to get our attention, the quality of your profile, how you present your music and yourself as an artist will influence both how Fresh reacts to your music and how an audience may feel. This is something we will consider when playing music along with the quality (which we would expect to be top notch). Remember your up against the best, not just locally but internationally. Also, think about the ripple effect, if we do promote your work, it can go much further if you yourself promote it as well, a Tweet or repost goes a long way for yourself and for Fresh.

Content Assistant Zane Dean sat down and spoke with Oli from Flamingo. First focusing on the bands initial relationship with Triple J, the first time they got played and how it happened (randomly as it happens) they then went on to how to successfully maintain working relationships with radio and industry in general.

His tips: keeping up the communication channels, email, Tweets, etc., allows you to thank them and become a band the station wants to champion. Search out the stations, contacts and staff who can help you. Be careful though, just because you hear from a label or A&R person doesn’t mean they’re legit or they’ll have your best interest at heart, filter contacts carefully, watch out for the sharks and know your labels. Good labels will offer you radio servicing to get your tunes heard and this is a great help, label reps have credibility which will help you get heard. His major piece of advice, if you want to make waves and be commercially successul, think of yourself in a commercial way, think of your brand, your marketing and your presentation.

To read about our last session, click here.



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