Look, we get it. You’re not always up early enough to catch Loz and Thomo, and you might be eating dinner while Wavelength is sparking the convos about Adelaide you should be having.

Maybe you missed a story on-air, or you heard something hilarious and ridiculous on Brekky and want to listen again.

Fresh is proud to announce that we’ve got you covered.

Loz and Thomo, and Wavelength, are now officially podcasted for you to listen to whenever you want!

We’re now on pretty much every major podcast service, so you can find us wherever you get your usual podcasts!

Listen to a new episode of The Loz and Thomo Podcast every weekday – a quick recap of the best bits of that morning’s show.

The Wavelength Podcast will go out every Tuesday. You’ll be able to listen to the previous night’s show in its entirety – all the stories, banter from the hosts, and convos with the callers.

Fresh 92.7 is proudly associated with the Auscast Network, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

Follow the below links to subscribe, and please share the word out to every Fresh listener you know!

Listen to the Loz and Thomo Podcast

Listen to the Wavelength Podcast

Listen and subscribe via OmnyStudio:

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