This years Feast Festival is set to be the BIGGEST yet! After 20 years of Feast it’s come back bigger and better, and with the addition of Dannii Minogue as ambassador there’s no limit to the FUN!

Fresh 92.7 have a number of DJ’s on the roster playing throughout the event, BUT… if something happened to them, who would cover the shift?

Then it came to us… Dannii Minogue can sing, act and dance, but could she rise to the occasion and DJ?

Watch when Fresh Air host Caroline Tucker took the songbird under her wing to teach her a thing or two about spinnin’ tunes on Pioneer CDJ 2000’s at the Fresh studios!

Fresh 92.7 is also proud to support Feast Festival and connecting face to face with the LGBTIQ community.

Feast Festival is a not for profit, non government organisation. They rely on generous donations from the public to help continue presenting the Annual Feast Festival & other community initiatives such as the Queer Youth Drop-In.

Join Feast Festival from October 21st to November 6th for a fantastic 2 weeks of Feast!!

Grab your event tickets here.


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