Bring on the bootlegs! Everybody loves a decent bootleg remix mashup combo. It’s like when you hear the Mr Whippy van going past, your ears pick up those jingles, your mouth salivates and before you know it you’re chasing down the sound like a whippet on too much caffeine. Ok, so why am I babbling on? Well cheeky remixer/producer extraordinaire Freejak has mashed up two classic monsters Laurent GarnierThe Man with the Red Face and Eddie Amador – Rise, basically for shits and giggles to see what comes out at the end, then he’s decided to just, well, give it away!

Does it work? Hell yeah, it’s got that summer party terrace dance party vibe going on while giving nods to two classic choons while creating something fresh and new.

We love it!

Go get your hands on it right now for free right here and give it a run down below.


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