Donuts. A round fluffy sweet dough topped with all the varieties of icing you can think of. I’m salivating at the thought!

Love a good donut? Well, your prayers have been answered, because you can now devour yourself in a free donut on a Saturday night out. If this doesn’t sway you to get off the couch and come out to town than I don’t know what would!

The super club that is Downtown on Hindley Street, Adelaide’s number 1 Saturday night party destination, is handing out free donuts every Saturday night between 9pm and 10pm!


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You donut want to miss out on this! Tag a friend that needs to get around this 😏🍩

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After snagging the free donut, head into the club to see our very own Johnny MC on stage. It’ll be like your listening to drive but just live!


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The club re-opened back in May, offering a larger and more electrifying space. It’s multiple levels really offers something for everyone! Whether you’re into RnB, the top 40, or absolute bangers Downtown is for all.

Free donuts and a guaranteed good time, what more can we ask for??