Final DJs aka German producer Sebastian Stuetz has been consistently putting out quality soundage for a few years now and his tracks have continually gotten better and better. You may not have caught much of what he’s produced but once you get your earholes around this stellar remix you’ll no doubt be hooked. London Grammar’s track ‘Hey Now‘ had some world class remixes from the likes of Sasha, Arty, Bonobo and more when it first came out back in 2013 but now the dust has settled the Final DJs decided to give it his magic touch and we’re really glad he did. This time the track’s been given a chilled, downtempo, slightly Tropical House vibe with subtle strings and melodic textures. Best of all though, it’s free to get your mits on. Time to get downloading, you won’t regret it. Nab it here and listen below.

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