Flume has done it once again.

Yes, our favourite Aussie techno magician has surprised us this morning with the release of a collaborative EP with rapper Reo Cragun titled Quits.

Alleluia!!! Dreams really do come true.

This three-track EP comes after the release of his highly anticipated mixtape Hi This Is Flume that dropped back in March this year.

The EP already features Flume’s widespread hit Friends which has made a strong mark across the globe, as well as two cracking new tunes Levitate and Quits.

Flume, aka Harley Streten, describes how he and Cragun are mates outside of the studio and how making music with each other is natural and fun.

“Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically. Whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy…From the first session, we were having fun and the music was good so we kept going,” he says.

Cragun also adds,

“Working with Harley is always amazing because of his creative abilities. He does such a great job of getting whatever he hears inside of his brain written out into Ableton…

Around the start of us hanging out he had these crazy fast scooters that took us around his neighbourhood during our session breaks. He was building his studio at the time so we would pop in over there and use our imaginations to construct what was to come. It was so inspiring…I have nothing but love for Harley!”


You can catch Flume in flame and flesh at Listen In on the 6th of October in Bonython Park. There are still tickets available, but hurry because they are selling out fast!! Tickets are available to be purchased here.

Have a listen to Levitate and Quits below:

Photo Cred: Flume Facebook page