During this time of social distancing, it is becoming more challenging for families and their children to further their education as schools have shut down or if they are wanting to be kept in isolation. Fortunately for any household in this situation, especially if they are relying on Jobseeker Payment of Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B for financial support, Superloop Home Broadband announced on Friday their “Online learning Plan” for NBN networks, which is designed to support disadvantaged families with children learning remotely from home.

The Online Learning Plan will provide $0 a month for Superloop’s 25Mbps/ 5Mbps unlimited internet.

To be eligible for the Superloop Online Learning Plan, you must:

  • Have a member of the household receiving the JobSeeker Payment or Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B
  • have a school-age child living at your address
  • Be at an address covered by the NBN fixed-line network
  • Not currently be connected to the NBN network at your address

Superloop also offers a Financial Hardship Policy for customers during the pandemic. The Hardship Policy can be claimed by a customer of Superloop if they are unable to make payments due to illness, unemployment, or any other reasonable causes. A payment arrangement can be made between Superloop and yourself, where an outstanding balance may be broken into smaller repayments, which are more manageable for you. If time is required to pay an outstanding amount, a payment plan can be made. Financial hardship can be of limited or long-term duration.

“There are so many families struggling out there due to COVID-19 that have NBN available, but just can’t afford to upgrade to it due to economic hardship,” says Superloop CEO Drew Kelton. “With remote learning expected to continue in the coming weeks and months, we want to help more families get access to world-class broadband. NBN has supported all RSP’s to help households that are struggling and Superloop will further support this important initiative by absorbing all the backhaul, internet access and support costs so disadvantaged families can get a $0 service.”

To apply, simply visit the Superloop Website and complete the signup form entering the promo code on signup. The 25/5 unlimited service (typical evening speed 22/2Mbps) will remain at $0.00 a month until 30 September 2020.

From 1 October 2020, the plan fee will return to $64.95 a month, unless the plan is cancelled.

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