A partnership that lasted almost 3 decades is no more with EA Sports announcing the end of its collaboration with FIFA.

The split comes after FIFA renegotiated that EA’s license payment goes from 500 MILLION to 1 BILLION within a 4-year-deal.

The contract was set to end this year, but both companies agreed to extend the deal until the end of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July and August 2023.

EA currently make added revenue through ‘FIFA points’ which are purchased using real money. ‘FIFA points’ can be used to buy packs of playable characters and although FIFA is the overarching body of the game, they receive none of this commission.

After the release of FIFA 23, future games will inherit a rebrand under ‘EA Sports FC‘. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

FIFA 23 to be final entry in series as EA Sports announces replacement  franchise | Science & Tech News | Sky News

Over the years, EA have accumulated over 300 partners across the world and EA CEO Andrew Wilson says the new branding will provide the same football experience but with added growth and an experience that wasn’t possible under the FIFA license.

“Our vision for EA SPORTS FC is to create the largest and most impactful football club in the world, at the epicenter of football fandom. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been building the world’s biggest football community – with hundreds of millions of players, thousands of athlete partners, and hundreds of leagues, federations, and teams. EA SPORTS FC will be the club for every one of them, and for football fans everywhere.” 

Many took to social media to give their opinions on the change with one person writing:

“Fully believe that FIFA (the video game) is partially responsible for soccer’s growing popularity…The name will change but kids will still call it FIFA for years to come.”

We can expect the new ‘EA Sports FC‘ game in July 23 with more than 19 THOUSAND players, 7 HUNDRED teams, 1 HUNDRED stadiums and THIRTY leagues.

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