Picture: Sarawak Fire and Rescue Services Department)

Get ready to cringe dudes.

In what can only be described as a series of bafflingly terrible decisions; a man in Borneo has been hospitalised after trying to remove his c**k ring with a pair of kitchen scissors.


The 45 year old man, who we can only assume was partaking in an innocent game of ‘ring toss’ with friends, attempted to remove the wedged ring with scissors after it had become stuck on his manhood.

Unfortunately for old mate, who sounds like a regular Macgyver, the scissors only made matters worse after they also became wedged.

What a bloody palaver!

But in what might be the most mystifying decision of all, he chose elicit the fire brigade for emergency assistance.

Fireman Sam can’t help you with this one mate.

Relief finally came for the poor bloke after he was escorted to hospital (y’know, where the doctors are) and had the ring and scissors removed in one clean swoop.

Honestly, next time just try two parts olive oil, one part Vaseline and the thing will slip right off. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.