Audience disclaimer: Fuego Carnal will toy with your emotions like no other show. The hilarious and compelling heart-in-mouth extravaganza (yes, you will feel these emotions all at once) will leave you utterly gob-smacked. All your typical circus expectations will be met, but then throw in fire, and you have got yourself a bloody show.

Hosted at Gluttony, Fuego Carnal breaks the boundaries of human ability. The seats engulf the stage, which not only makes the view spectacular, but it also creates an intimate setting. On a hot day the tent works wonders as it’s specifically opened to the sky, which welcomes a flowing breeze and more importantly it keeps the tent from burning down.

Opening the show is the daringly promiscuous host, who lets the audience know that they are about to witness never-seen-before stunts. The performers use their imagination to come up with the kind of acts you see on talent shows, but far better.

The crowd was treated to aerial artistry and flaming bow and arrows pinging across the stage, which was met with “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” pouring out from the audience. Fuego’s travelling bag-piper was also propelled into the air while belting out some fire tunes (literally). While this act was great in its entirety, the bagpiping did go on for a touch too long, which saw the audience lose some interest.

I grappled to comprehend some of the performances, with one of the artists showcasing his fire eating and sword swallowing talents. Just as I was regaining any feeling of normalcy, the artists shattered it with their next act. This segment involved engaged performing duo to use up any ounce of trust they could salvage in their relationship for the ultimate knife throwing test.

Posing in front of a wooden board with complete ease, one half of the duo manages to not flinch when her fiancé spears knives in her direction, only missing her narrowly. Sounds interesting, right? Well, set the knives on fire, strap the artist to a spinning board and then see how you are coping.

Fuego Carnal is spectacular and well-rounded performance. 4 and a half stars!

You can see all the (worthy) hype every day besides Mondays until March 17. Catch tickets to this must-see Fringe show here.

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