Australians across the country are casting their votes, deciding their government of the next four years in this Saturday’s Federal Election. Polling booths will officially close at 6pm, and as we edge closer, the major parties in Liberal and Labor are shifting into another gear on the final days of the election campaign.

Both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, have thus far had turbulent runs on the campaign trail from Albanese failing to recall unemployment figures and Morrison accidently bulldozing a child (just yesterday mind you). However, compared to this time at the 2019 election, it seems like fewer policies have been pitched to voters.

The policies that both parties have so far presented differ across various fields such as housing reform, investing in essential serves like aged care, child care, vocational education and climate change.

Scott Morrison Has Tackled A Small Child On A Tassie Soccer Field

Here’s what both major parties are promising:

The Coalition:

Prime Minister Morrison has promised voters that Australia will have a “stronger economy” if he is re-elected this week, and it has been the central theme to the Coalition’s campaign. Some other policies that he has unveiled during the campaign include:

  • Australians can access 40% of their superannuation to buy a first home.
  • Reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and reach 26-28 per cent reduction below 2005 levels by 2030.
  • 800,000 new training places in the vocational care sector.
  • Half of emission reductions will be attributed to future technology breakthroughs and carbon offsets and storage.


Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese is promising increased wage growth if he’s elected, and Labor have been matching some of the Coalition’s policies during the campaign. Some other policies that Albanese has presented include:

  • An additional $2.5 billion in aged care funding.
  • Lifting the maximum childcare subsidy rate to 90 per cent.
  • Proposing to invest $20 billion into new electricity infrastructure.
  • 43 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 and net-zero by 2050 (matching the Coalition).

So, have one of the major parties done enough for you to cast a vote in their ballot box? Never forget, there’s also plenty of minor parties that are seeking a place in Parliament this weekend too!

Remember to vote this Saturday Adelaide!

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