I could’ve been mistaken to be sitting behind a panel featuring RuPaul and Michelle Visage as I was treated by some of Adelaide’s premier drag queens to Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is a trip through the making of a drag queen exploring the ins and outs of acceptance, sexuality, culture and family. Queens Hollie Graffix, Kween Kong and extra special guest star Lucy Flawless command the stage through fierce lip-syncs as well as both comedic and heart-warming skits to entertain and share eye widening personal moments with the audience.

From the first heal click the audience at Nexus Arts was electric, absolutely eating up every single move from each queen on stage. I found myself with an almost constant smile on my face and an almost constant rhythmic clap to the classic after classic featured in the lip-syncs. This electricity was backed by a feeling of warmth and family following the touching story of Kween Kong’s upbringing into drag bringing tears to the eyes of several audience members sitting close by.

The chemistry between all the queens was infectious as shade was delt between performances as the stories of each queen were revealed. To put it simple you had the feeling that you were around the kitchen table with the girls for pre’s catching up on all the tea (insert nails emoji here).

My company for the night was someone who had only seen one episode of Drag Race in their life let alone a drag show. The verdict from him was a review as glowing as the sequin laced costumes lining the stage. For those unfamiliar with the drag genre some references and jokes may not land, however, Metamorphosis is filled with pop culture references galore and iconic hits well known enough to crack a smile on just about anyone.

The personal highlight of the show for myself was Hollie Graffix’s and Kween Kong’s out of this world lip-sync battle drawing from the Drag Race staple. With face served and death drops galore the combination of the pounding music and audience’s roar had the set literally shaking.

Metamorphosis Shantay, you stay, 4 and a ½ stars.

Image: Metamorphosis

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