Melbourne producer Elkkle has his finger on the pulse for sure. Delivering some super hot beats in the shape of new track Diderot he has managed to create a sound that fulfills pretty much every requirement for a ‘on point’ groove. A meaty baseline with haunting vocals and glitchy, trappy snares make this both a deep listening experience while also fulfilling your need for groove all wrapped up in an epic soundscape.

So, who or what is Diderot? According to our super talented friend:

“The Diderot Effect observes the tendency for people to buy things that compliment their identity, and when they buy things that demonstrate a shift in their identity, a spiral of consumption can follow as they seek to abandon anything that no longer aligns with that identity.”  

In effect it’s about transition and redefining yourself but at what cost?

The video that accompanies the track was produced by Rex Kane-Hart on Philip Island and Elkkle will be supporting the track with live performances in support of Golden Vessel on his Shoulders Tour around Australia.

Check the captivating video below and we are very excited to be able to offer the track to you all as a free download for a limited time. So go and grab it now.