You know how there’s always that one band that you liked before it was cool? Well, be prepared to get out your bragging hats out as Electric Fields are returning to Adelaide with their first national tour that they are headlining!

Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross, the Adelaidian electronic-soul duo made quite a name for themselves when it was announced they would partake in Eurovision, Australia Decides for a chance to perform in Tel Aviv, Israel for the main Eurovision competition. Unfortunately, Fielding and Ross came second in Australia Decides, but they clearly won the hearts of Australia to bring out a national tour.

Electric Fields’ new tour is named after their Eurovision: Australia Decides single, “2000 and Whatever” and will feature some more new songs, as well as some fan favourites.

Electric Fields will be performing at Lion Arts Factory on Friday the 26th of July. Tickets are available here.

In the meantime, check out their powerful performance of “2000 and Whatever” from Eurovision: Australia Decides.

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