Who would have thought that enough time has gone by for Angry Birds to be a nostalgic property to adapt? Weird, right? Ten years ago, it was probably illegal NOT to have the app on your iPod or phones as the vibrant and colourful strategy game created a whole series of sequels and genres, as well as over 2 billion downloads. In 2016, an Angry Birds movie was released and was considered one of the better video game adaptations. Does Angry Birds 2 continue flying in a successful flock?

Bird Island is in a prank war with their neighbouring island as the green pigs slingshot all sorts of nuisances towards the birds. Fortunately, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride) are tasked to defend the island from whatever comes their way. However, the King of the pigs, Leonard (Bill Hader), is forced to offer a truce when Piggy Island is attacked by Zeta (Leslie Jones) and her troops on Eagle Island. Red accepts the truce and brings together his friends, along with Silver (Rachel Bloom) and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) to stop Zeta from destroying their homes.

Video game adaptations are always a tricky situation, especially when their plots and characters are minimal. The first Angry Birds movie seem to go out of its way to try and justify the game as a movie by focusing on references to the series, while the very talented cast and gorgeous animation almost took the back seat. Fortunately, this new sequel explores a variety of different characters and locations, while also making new developments for the old characters, to a point where it can almost be forgotten that it’s from a phone app.

The returning characters and comical cast are able to create fast past jokes, which may not always land (Dabbing‘s still funny, right?), but there’s enough wit to carry out the running time and entertain the kids. Plus the animation and weirdly retro soundtrack help elevate the humour. Can’t say I expected a reference to a show from the ’90s (No spoilers) in an Angry Birds movie, but there you go.

Overall, Angry Birds 2 is an entertaining family movie that provides all sorts of laughs for different ages. With the school holidays coming up soon, it’s easy to recommend bringing the family together to check it out.

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