What goes down better than a theatrical circus spectacle with hold-your-breath, edge-of-your-seat moments? A piss take of all of the above. Dirty Tattooed Circus Bastards takes your modern circus show and throws it right in the bin.

Giving off major Jackass vibes, the show sees two best mates cram as much dangerous stuff as possible into the one-hour slot and boy is it funny. But they’re not the only ones in danger because you can expect a good old fashion roasting of the audience by the witty Irishmen. They’re ridiculously quick on their feet and the banter comes in as often if not more often than the stunts they’re there to perform. If you aren’t in stitches, then you can be sure they are (both figurately and literally).

Martin Mor and Logy Logan also really know how to cater to an Australian audience with an abundance of butts, beers and Bunnings. And maybe it’s the late-night booze-fuelled time slot but the audience really gets amongst it. But I mean who doesn’t want to see breadsticks whip cracked from various, um, holes in the body? Yeah, we bet that point sold you alone.

While they may not present anything new to the circus world and their technique might lead to a few broken stage lights (they’re really banking on some big shows to pay for them), it’s a goddamn good hour with more than enough to satisfy your circus comedy needs. If anything at all you’ll definitely want to see a couple of hairy, heavily tattooed Irishman in denim shorts that are both too tight and too loose at the same time. Oh yes, you read right.

Three stars!


Show: Dirty Tattooed Circus Bastards

Venue: Empire Theatre, Gluttony

Duration: 60min

Tickets available here.

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