When it comes to generating timeless, epic, super-sonic music it seems that two is the winning number. Duos seem to be able to coalesce their abilities to create the most amazing soundscapes and rhythms. Think Justice, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Booka Shade to name just a few on a very long list. Well, another duo that seems to be able to last the distance are German filtered electro legends Digitalism.

With a back catalogue of flawless hits stretching back almost 15 years, our hats are tipped towards the Hamburg maestros who have just delivered up another fine piece of studio disco-ology in the shape of Glow. The track fuses the pairs’ dancefloor capabilities with their unique ability to grab the current music trends and give them their own funky twist. Not only do we have a great track on our hands but the video is also a standout. Taking cues from the early days of computing and 3D graphics and vectors (think Commodore 64 meets Apple Mac) the vid produced by Espen Kopreitan (Jensvold), in his second outing for the boys, hits the nail right on the head and has tried to bring us an early glimpse of what may be in the pipeline stylistic for their future tour set up.

Either way, enough chatter from us. Get your cans on and get toe tapping to the below video.