Ok so, for all you Game of Thrones fans, something big happened last night at the Billboard Music Awards!

In one of Drake’s many acceptance speeches, after smashing the record for most Billboard award wins ever, he made a small remark to GOT’s Arya Stark and it has got everyone talking!

During the speech, the God’s Plan singer was thanking the people who have contributed to his successes, before stating that he needed a glass of champagne and giving a shout out to the GOT bad ass for “putting in that work last week”, obviously eluding to her epic performance in the latest episode.

Now, at first you would think that he is just praising his love for the popular TV show, like many of us do. But fans are saying he has cursed the beloved character as a result of the infamous ‘Drake Curse’.

If you don’t already know, Champagne Papi is believed to curse anyone that he publicly supports. It usually occurs to a sports team or athlete after they experience a heavy round of losses when Drake endorses them.

Arya is far from a professional athlete, but fans are still concerned and are fearing the worst, even though the remaining episodes have already been filmed. I mean, after all, the world does work in mysterious ways!

With only three episodes left FOREVER (I’m crying too, don’t worry), we will soon discover her fate.

On a much happier note, Drake knocked Taylor Swift off the throne for most Billboard awards wins ever. He won a whopping 12 awards throughout the night, including Top Artist and Top Billboard 200 Artist, bringing his total Billboard awards to an outstanding 27!

And we can expect more top-notch tunes to come, with Drizzy having announced that he is in the process of making new music after a concert in London in early April.


Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter 

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