Last week a Fresh listener (with the sass of ten thousand Beyoncé’s) made a shocking claim against Brekky host Loz.

Their accusation? That she was a no good filthy rotten liar.

*Gasps… wheezes…. inhales Ventolin*

It all started last week when Loz did an impression of her Mother Kath on air, Canadian twang and all. After the (extremely accurate) impression, the real Kath called in to the station to confront Loz. You know just your run of the mill mother vs. daughter radio gold.

But alas not everyone was impressed with Loz’s impression. In fact some believed it to not only be shit, but also terribly misleading.

Case in point: Kym the plumber. See Kym was listening to Fresh at work, heard the impression, then heard the real Kath and came to a shocking conclusion. That Lozzie was lying about her mother’s Canadian heritage, and Kath was actually more Australian than two Roo’s fighting over the last snag at a Bunnings sausage sizzle.

So Kym decided to call in and berate Loz the only way a plumber knows how. With his pipes.

Listen below to hear the whole shemozzle unfold.

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