The week on Davo’s financial dilemmas… Davo steals from the Fresh piggy bank! Dun Dun Duuuuun!

Nah look, it’s not as bad as sounds. In Davo’s defence, she made the mistake of parking in the wrong car space and needed a small loan to get herself home. By the wrong car spot, she means one that you have to pay for since she usually has her own rightfully claimed free spot.

Like the genuine human that she is, she didn’t want to impose on anyone and ask them for money. So, what does she do? Take a little loose change from the brownie fund.

You probably know of Andrew Thee News Reader as a man of many talents, but he’s now also mastered the art of being a secret agent by capturing footage of Davo the thief live in action.

Davo’s got till tomorrow to cough up the money or the video will be released on all socials! Keep your eyes peeled for the juicy content…

Listen to Andrew blackmail Davo below.

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