In a bonus interview with Dave, Tom & Callum, professional arm wrestler Matt Connelly discussed the techniques used to master the sport.

Connelly is manager of the SA Titans Arm Wrestling Club in Kilburn, as well as an active bodybuilder.

When asked about the reason for the interview, Connelly explained that a member of his club “reached out” about the morning hosts’ discussion of an arm wrestle match they had, seeking to “explain the techniques… so anybody who’s anybody can come learn how to do it properly (and) end up winning”.

During his stay at the Fresh studio, Connelly taught the three hosts several unique techniques he implemented on the mat in order to determine their level of strength and composure. This resulted in a unique Fresh-exclusive arm wrestling competition!

Connelly’s discussion of the skills that arm-wrestlers implement showcased his skill and passion as an arm wrestler, with particular attention to “(using) body weight as (a) leverage” in order to maintain energy and not force intense pressure on the muscles in one’s arm.

Connelly’s arm wrestling club runs every Sunday in Kilburn Community Centre from 5:45pm to 7:45pm.

Watch the video and listen to the interview below!

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