Brekkie hosts Davo, Tom and Callum sat down to discuss the 2022 HELP Awards with Coordinator Jodi and HELP Awards Manager Sharee.

Supporting mental health and community is near and dear to our hearts here at Fresh, so what the HELP awards does means a lot to us.

The HELP (Health, Engagement, Learning and People) awards are extremely important in highlighting those in the community who excel at supporting others through hard times, with each letter in the acronym providing valuable reason to nominate someone.

When asked about its origin, Jodie referred back to the Kangaroo Island fires, where they “were so inspired about the amount of people that gave back to the community”, creating the event to “acknowledge those that helped others”.

In regards to nominating, Jodie stated that those eligible are “anybody that has made someone’s life just a little bit easier”, and that “you don’t need to be ‘best’ at anything…the acknowledgement that people get from being nominated is better than sending flowers as a thank you… it lasts for such a long time.”

Former winners were given the spotlight, with Sharee referencing the Port Adelaide Menshed “working with veterans”, SA Brothers’ attentiveness to mens mental health, Schnitty4Sam’s annual tradition in honour of Sam Davis, Lost Pets of South Australia’s protection of abandoned animals and of course, the frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nomination categories include:

AMP Healthcare Hero – A professional who has gone and beyond to help the industry

The Lexus Learner – An individual who is on a path to greatness

TTO Individual Star – An individual who has shown selflessness, compassion or resilience to lead others through a crisis

Care24-7 – Those who have put their hearts and souls into inclusion and wellness throughout the community

Fresh 92.7 Community Champion – A team, group or organisation that have made a positive difference to the community

The People’s Choice – A culmination of finalists from the above categories

If you know someone who needs to be nominated, do it right here!

Listen to the full interview below:

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