Today marks the day Fresh Breakfast gets a good ol’ fashioned shakeup!

Fresh is proud to announce the team-up of Tom Holmes and Callum Leaney with
current Brekky host Lauren ‘Davo’ Davidson will become permanent from Tuesday the 19th of April
to host Fresh Breakfast.

Tom and Callum are no strangers to our listeners, having filled in for Drive over the summer. From
there they got their own weekly Drive show, ‘The Mile Drive Club’, which ran
every Friday from 3-7pm.

Lauren ‘Davo’ Davidson has been a host for our beloved Fresh Breakfast since April 2020, after our previous brekky show ‘Loz and Thomo’ finished up.
She states: “Tom and Callum are creative, naturally funny and let me be the silliest version of
myself. I adore their passion for radio and there’s no doubt it’s the most fun show you’ll listen to
before 10am”.

Tom and Callum are long-time volunteers of Fresh and promise to radiate the same levels of energy and cheeky banter to Fresh Brekkie. “With Davo, we’ve managed to
capture something that feels really special. Davo is quick to cut through our craziness and we
believe this new brekky team will give a ‘fresh’ (pun totally intended) sound to Adelaide’s

Content Manager Sophie Campbell says she’s ‘never laughed harder than in the studio,
listening to these three. I knew we had something special, their chemistry and genuine friendship
is something you can’t teach.’

With all three hosts volunteering for us years before scoring this one-of-a-kind gig, Campbell
further states: “this is what Fresh is all about, providing opportunities to the youth and talent of
Adelaide, to give them their moment to shine and have a voice

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