Just when you thought that the Adelaide Fringe street performances would start to come to an end, the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) had to quickly borrow and close down Pirie Street today and transform it into 1970’s Cape Town, with, of all people, Daniel Radcliffe in person filming scenes for an upcoming project, Escape From Pretoria.

Directed by Francis Annan, today’s filming is based on the true story of a South African activist, Tim Jenkin (Radcliffe) who was arrested and imprisoned into Pretoria Central Prison due to his participation of a number of banned organisations, including the African National Congress. Australian actor Daniel Webber plays fellow inmate Stephen Lee who escaped the prison with Jenkin by using handmade keys.

According to passing locals in the area, Pirie Street is decked out with massive attention to detail, including era-appropriate cars like Minis, VW Beetles, Citroens, which all sports Cape Town number plates, as well as African signs on shops and to top it off, actors and extras wearing groovy late 70’s clothes and hairstyles.

As Victor Harbor was used to film the recent reimagining/sequel of Storm Boy last year, it’s great to see that the people of South Australia are being given opportunities to work on productions that will be.

“SAFC is thrilled to be an investor in Escape From Pretoria and to bring the filming of this international production to South Australia,” says SAFC head of production, Amanda Duthie. “It is another great opportunity for our fantastic South Australian crews and key creatives to work on an international production.”

Filming is expected to finish at 10 pm tonight, so come down while you can and have a look at what Adelaide looks like dressed as Cape Town.