CRAZE Gives Us #RealDJing!

When Craze turns on the TV and sees Paris Hilton dropping a “set”, or that Jersey Shore peanut playing at being a DJ, he gets depressed. We can relate to that. We are just as upset at the sight of B-Grade celebrities pressing play on an iPod and fist-pumping while their unplugged headphone jack slaps against the face of the concealed technician who is actually controlling the equipment. Thankfully, Craze has decided to remind us how a true DJ works their magic. This guy has been working the decks since 1995 and produces Hip Hop, Miami Bass, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and trap, so his effort is pretty impressive…


No iPod or CD’s for this man. It’s all vinyl and raw skill, which makes a pleasant change from the norm. Watching a DJ like Craze working the turntables is genuinely exciting, and it reminds us why these skills need to be preserved. There is nothing wrong with using new equipment and techniques to produce electronic music, but it is always better if the artist understands some of the history and techniques that first attracted listeners to the genre. Aside from that, it just looks cool, and being a DJ should make you look cool.


Watch Craze at work in his New Slaves routine, and try to resist scratching invisible vinyl at your desk. His talent is inspiring, and helps to offset the frustration of seeing Paris Hilton on the decks. Please Paris; just stop.

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