Jimeoin’s Turn It Up! is brutally honest about two things, the knockabout nature of his comedy and the fact that he really did turn it up a notch.

Our very own Irishman from Down Under is back at it again at this year’s Adelaide Fringe with not only a wittingly humorous skit, but also a touch of musical comedy to showcase Jimeoin’s poetic side.

The internationally renowned comic gives an ironically unerring performance through his brilliant storytelling and theatrical ability. Even though at one point you might think he’s doing improv, trust me, it’s all cleverly part of the act.

For a man who’s performed all over the world at countless venues, you’ll be shocked by how extremely personalised his performances are. With the combination of his gazing eyes and laidback feel of the skit, he approaches the comedy in a way that is extremely tailored to the audience. Almost as if he was just having a few laughs with some mates at the local pub.

I’m sure if Jimeoin could build an entire show purely based on mime and facial expression, he would, and it would still attract half the crowd.

The greatest part of the show is Jimeoin’s talented way of somehow intertwining every one of his jokes throughout the hour. Just when you think you can’t laugh at the joke any more, he’ll tie it into another joke and make you relive it all over again.

With this in mind, if you’re someone who gets triggered easily then I’d steer clear of this one as Jimeoin’s lack of political correctness may be a tough bullet for you to bite. That’s not to say that it’s not tasteful and nimbly executed, because he does just that.

The essence of his humour is pure relatability to our everyday lives and that’s something you’ve got to appreciate.

In terms of rating, it was a close 4 out of 5 due to the inability to unsee his bizarre dance repertoire.

Overall, a true comedy guru.

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