Every so often Adelaide puts on a night of nights. You know the type, one of those nights where major talent visits our little ol’ town and there’s a real buzz. The type of night where DJ’s book the night off in order to attend. A night just like this one.

I’ll set the scene, Sugar, a club renowned for its soundsystem, great staff and top vibe. Young Tokyo, a crew making a name for themselves showcasing local and international talent, and tonight’s main event, Claptone, a DJ and producer renowned for his productions and unique DJ sets. This was going to be big!

Arriving at about 11.30 the place was already filled with Adelaide’s uber cool House heads and the soundsystem was cranking. Up on the decks were locals Adlington and Jamunji who were caning the dancefloor. Effortlessly weaving together deep, funky House with edgy dark chords and epic, filtered synths there was a real energy in the place and the night was on course to be one to remember.

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Come 1pm and enter the man of the moment, Claptone. Decked out in his trademark Venetian Pantalone mask, black top hot and white gloves this mysterious figure has a magnetic attraction when he’s up on stage and over the next two hours he delivered a lesson in cutting edge sounds.

Kicking off with tracks including Volte Sylvain Du Roc and Loving You More Simos Tagias, he gave us deep, epic, progressive sounds to gradually build the energy before moving us into more techy territory with tracks from Butch and Martin Waslewski. There was literally no moving off the dancefloor and the crowd was pushed right up against the DJ booth as folks tried to engage with this enigmatic figure.

Swiftly onto some of Claptone’s trademark Disco House sounds with his own The Music Got Me and Mark Funk Here to Stay which lifted the energy into a true party vibe and had revellers hugging it out, this was all going down very nicely.

As we gradually made our way to the end of his two hour set there was no mistaking Claptone’s brilliant ability to keep a party thumping all the way through. When he wrapped up just after 3 there was no doubt that this had been a night that truly delivered. But the night was not done yet, not by a long shot. With Cusack geared up to go and the club open for extended hours, Sugar was set to go on all night long.

If this was anything to go by, you best keep an eye out for the next Young Tokyo gig because it is guaranteed to be all sorts of epic. Nice work lads.

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Images courtesy of Daniel Marks & Young Tokyo


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