What’s better than seeing a show full of sexy acrobats? Seeing a show full of sexy, bearded, French-Canadian acrobats!


Normally when sitting on the iconic pews of Adelaide Uni’s Bonython Hall, you are waiting for something special…and this was no different! Cirque Alfonse’ BARBU takes you on a mystical ride that opens up with a mesmerising roller-skating routine, attached by their beards of course!


Along the ride, the audience is left gasping with a series of impossible acrobatics, including a cartwheeling human mirror ball in a giant hoop and double-jointed aerial sequences that leaves you wondering whether you should start going back to your Pilates classes. They amuse themselves throughout with seesaws, human pyramids, golf sticks, near-miss juggling acts and even oral ping pong! And no not the type you’d see in Bangkok!


In between gasps, there is a healthy dose of comedy cleverly intertwined that is emphasised by the group’s resident puppeteer Loukas and his trusty guinea-pig sidekick. The pair even wind back the clock with a Houdini-like disappearing act which leaves the audience no choice but to ask post show: “Siri, Where did the girl go?”.


Tying all the madness together is a live band, headed by the punk rock, ring-leader, DJ who orchestrates the fun. Joining him on the musical journey is the crazy burlesque drummer who joins the crew on stage whipping them into shape. Literally. Overall, the theatrics of the band alone is awe-inspiring with low drums rolling beneath gypsy-esque violin play, creating a primal atmosphere that wonderfully showcases the brute strength unfolding on stage.


Overall, the show encompasses everybody’s favourite parts about the fringe: beards, boobs and backflips! What’s more, the performers have (almost) as much fun as the audience and continue to carve their name into Adelaide’s heart as our favourite circus friends!


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