We love a cheeky remix (cough, cough bootleg) and this one is not only neat, it’s also bang on target. Every so often a track hits the airwaves that truly sets the tongues wagging and this year’s contender for track of the year has to be Childish GambinoThis is America. Not only is that track a great tune fusing together Gambino’s killer rhymes and crafty verses but the music seamlessly blends a multitude of differing musical types including Hip Hop, Rap, Gospel,  traditional African tribal and spiritual music, Afrobeat and more. The music though has been somewhat overshadowed by the excellent and wildly controversial video which is both a brilliantly performed dance extravaganza which highlights Gambino’s fantastic rhythm and technique but also a biting social commentary on the state of the US.

Hot on the tales of the official release is this beefed up version of the hit by a lesser known but unquestionably talented remixer Patrick Reza. Reza has put out numerous reworks and tunes over the last few years all with strong basslines and great original touches. This one is no different, taking the original and jacking up the bassline so we’re well into the Trap range of thundering sub demolition. We reckon it is a smart take and best of all, it’s yours for free. Get the download here. The original is just below for you to watch (if you haven’t already had it in repeat for like the last week).

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