Wanting to find something new to listen to while at home? Luckily, our old mate Childish Gambino has us covered as he dropped a new album on Sunday night!

Donald Glover’s latest album 03.15.20 was infamously (and appropriately) released last week on the 15th of March on DonaldGloverPresents.com, before being taken down 12 hours later. But now, its been re-released for all of us to enjoy.

To add even more to the cryptic and mysterious album, Gambino originally released all 12 songs in 03.15.20 as a continuous single-track, with almost every song being titled based on the specific time stamps they fall on. For example, “19.10” appears in the album at 19 seconds and 10 seconds, which now that its available for streaming on Spotify or iTunes, listening to each song individually might break up the premise.

The only songs that have titles are “Algorhythm“, and “Time“, the latter of which features an uncredited appearance by Ariana Grande. Die-hard Gambino fans will recognise “42.26” as “Feels like Summer“, which was originally released in 2018.

Other guest appearances include 21 Savage, Ink and Kadhja Bonet in “12.38“, Peaches Monroe in “35.31” and one of Gambino’s children, Legend Glover in “47.48

Have a listen below! (and no, you’re not having trouble loading the image, the album cover is white)

or if you want the original continuous single-track:

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