Ladies of Adelaide, this one’s for you! The name itself suggests fast paced action, just like the V8 supercars we usually see whipping around the city. Instead, we have an awesome foursome of women running rings around the crowd. A show you must bring your Aunties, Mothers and Girlfriends alike to come and experience this Fringe season! 

Geraldine Hickey kicked off the night with relatable content and exciting vibes. The crowd instantly matched her energy, which always makes for a fun and interactive show. Hickey was expressing her deep frustrations on everyday Aussie gardening and some common misconceptions of what it means to be in a same sex couple. Leaving the room wondering what some terms meant. In an intriguing, I’m about to learn something juicy kind of way.  

Next up was the incredible Lizzy Hoo. I adored her confidence straight off the bat. Hoo dives into what it means to grow up in Australia being multicultural. Laughing off casual racism with a sharp wit. Smart, confident and sexy is exactly what this woman is! She also dives into what she believes is, the last form of casual racism. Hilarious start to finish. 

Cal Wilson the Queen of comedy, graced us with her presence next. Being a die hard fan for many years I feel like anything I say might be slightly biased. However, this was my first time seeing Cal in person. Wilson burst onto the stage as if she were full of beans and most certainly did not disappoint. We got glimpses into what lockdown was like in her family household and proud moments were shared with the crowd. I could only imagine what having a comedian for a mother would be like. Surely a lot more interesting than your average home. 

The best of course was saved for last. The one and only, Denise Scott. It was definitely the most engaging act of the night. Denise was playing with the crowd through crafty relatable life stories and loads of current pop culture events. The highlight of the show was a perfectly timed moth flying out of what can only be described as, not a place you ever want a moth to fly out of. Which carried a roar of laughter right through the crowd. 

I would recommend anyone who is looking for some Grade A comedy to look no further. Chicksal will leave you out of breath, in tears and in stitches but in the best way possible. 

I give this show a 5 / 5 star rating!

You can catch the lovely ladies last few shows at Babylon in The Garden of Unearthly Delights: Thu 4 Mar – Fri 5 Mar: 8pm and Sat 6 Mar: 8:45pm

Ticket Price: $49.00 

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