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Wavelength - Telling you the stories you didn’t know, about the stuff you’re interested in in Adelaide.

Wavelength is when Fresh 92.7 takes a moment to tell the stories of Adelaide. Its people, its events, its culture. Sometimes its serious, and sometimes we talk about manbuns.

Winner of the CBAA Award for Excellence in Spoken Word, News and Current Affairs Programming and the SACBA Award for Best Interview in 2015.

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Wavelength with Dr Lane: Busting Skin Care Myths

" a bit of a luck of the draw and it just tends to be in adolescence when we're already self-conscious and then it's like bang here I am on your face." - Dr Lane. There feels like nothing worse than when...

Wavelength: Is SA ready to ban live export?

"Not all of the vessels used in the live export chain are purpose built livestock vessels ... They were actually built to carry cars. I don't believe animals are cargo at all but if they are going to be cargo...