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Wavelength is when Fresh 92.7 takes a moment to tell the stories of Adelaide. Its people, its events, its culture. Sometimes its serious, and sometimes we talk about manbuns.

Winner of the CBAA Award for Excellence in Spoken Word, News and Current Affairs Programming and the SACBA Award for Best Interview in 2015.

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Wavelength: Understanding the new tram timetable

"I think these three stops on North Terrace are a waste of money...I think it's more for the tourists"  Like the pop queen Beyoncé herself, in early October the State Government suddenly announced we...

Wavelength: What’s up with phone surveillance?

"A lot of apps try and harvest as much data as they can...their business model is often based on selling your data" - Dr Sal Humphreys, Lecturer at the University of Adelaide You use your phone just about...

Wavelength: Axing the ‘tampon tax’

"I could never understand how a tampon could, in any way, be considered a luxury." For years the GST (Goods and services tax) has been a hugely contentious issue throughout Australia. Various sanitary...