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Weekdays 6-9am

Breakfast with Loz & Thomo- Bring your mornings to life with Breakfast.

Your mornings are about to have far more bass here on Breakfast! From 6-9 every weekday morning Loz and Thomo will be doing things a little different, bringing you More Beats in Brekky. They’ll be pushing play on a minimix from the best local and national DJs, to well and truly wake you up then it'll be non-stop banter and top choons to keep you rolling into your workday.

Catch up on all the banter you've missed with the Loz & Thomo podcast, below!

Loz vs. Thomo: Embarrassing Facebook photo edition.

This morning, (while he was supposed to be doing his job manning the sound desk) Thomo dropped all responsibility in the studio to have a filthy skeeze through Loz’s old Facebook pics. Yeah that’s...