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Non stop laughter with Amos Gill

I went to this show as a skeptic. My only experience with Amos Gill has been his work on radio, and admittedly, didn't find him funny. Some friends told me "you have to see his stand up". So I bit the bullet an...

Level Up Your Joy With 8-bit ‘n’ Chill

8-bit ‘n’ Chill is a bonding experience for video game lovers and normies alike. It’s a refreshingly human experience with a simple premise – Natalya plays piano arrangements of the soundtracks of everything fr...

No mystery here – Parlour Games is worth your time!

I couldn’t think of any better way to kick of 2021’s Fringe Season than with such an entertaining performance. Brought to you by the incredibly talented cast of The Green Guys Theatre, Parlour Games brings a bi...
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